Saturday, August 9, 2014

Trip to Michigan

Back in 2012 I gained a whole nother family and life is better because of it!  What a blessing to have people accept and love you for who you are-no strings attached.  I feel special whenever I'm there.

My man's from Michigan which includes lots of stuff I never grew up with, including fixing things, motorcycles, lakes, boats, guns, and the like.  

Time in Michigan is always sweet, spending the Fourth of July at a family friend's lake house, eating some good 'ol American food, joking with brothers, and getting to know my Man's family better.  

Time always passes too fast and now we've been gone for a while and I miss it.  

This summer was spent catching up with family, taking motorcycle rides, buying food at cool grocery stores, shopping, and enjoying the picture-perfect Michigan weather. 

I'm already hankerin' to go back. 

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