Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An isn't that far from Hue, our last stop.  We came by private car and it was rad.

The city was well-preserved and felt to me like Asia meets Central America. 

The town is known for making custom clothes and suits.  I myself had some custom made leather shoes made. Two, in fact.  A black pair of flats that I wear almost every day at work and a pair of woven flats that hurt my feet.  I ordered them late in the day and they were ready for me early the next day.  I try to buy ethically sourced clothing but I'm not sure about these shoes...

I enjoyed Hoi An.  So did most of France.  We of course came upon tourists all over Vietnam, but never so many as here.  Shops and restaurants lined the cobblestone streets and nighttime strolls along the river were a true treat. These are the things I dream of in the throes of a long school year. 

We rang in the New Year here, with strangers from around the world, excited and hopeful for what 2014 had in store. 

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