Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Halong Bay, Vietnam

After Sapa we took the long treck back to Hanoi and then on to the ultra famous Halong Bay. 

While I try and steer away from negativity in this space, I'll admit my experience at Halong Bay was not what dreams are made of.

I was quite sick that day, so I'm sure that was most of it. 

We didn't have much time there, but made the most of what we could. 

It is common to take boat tours in this area but we opted not to. Instead, we stayed in a guest house and took a ferry to Catba Island during the day. 

We rented a scooter for something like four dollars for the entire day.  Since the left hand break didn't work my man had to drive extra carefully. We drove around the island all day.  

I don't have any good photos so I snatched these off my VSCO grid. (taken with iPhone) 

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  1. That VSCO really is amazing, except that YOU are such an amazing photographer! You can make any filters look good. It looks cold?!