Monday, June 23, 2014

Iceland Day 9 - Berserkjahraun - Reykjavík

It was a bittersweet day--our last day on the road with more than half of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula still left to explore.  We started by going to our first and only Icelandic museum (although they have them all over, in all the little towns), the Bjarnarhöfn Shark Museum.  Here we learned how they make fermented shark meat and even got to try some.  Not too bad but definitely not too good.  

We continued our journey driving around the Peninsula, not really knowing what to do.  Supposedly there is a ton to do, but maybe we were getting lazy... we stopped to climb a small volcano (it took about five minutes which was much nicer than the 4.5 hour hike we took up La Concepción in Nicaragua) then kept going.  There was a glacier there, Snæfellsjökull, which we viewed from afar. 

I was keen on going to Ytri Tunga Beach because I heard there were seals to be seen.  We looked for quite a bit in one area before we noticed some people far away on the other end of the beach.  When we headed over we finally saw two seals but they were content with staying a ways away in the water.  Not quite what I expected but we were so excited to just see two little seal heads in the water.  See if you can see them below it's like I Spy. 

After this we were pretty much done with the area.  Maybe we missed a bunch?  

We headed back to Reykjavík, the capital, so we could be ready to turn in the van around 11 the next morning.  We found ourselves a nice place to park (behind the Icelandic Home Depot) for the last night, next to the Lupine flowers, and once again under the midnight sunset.  

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