Sunday, June 22, 2014

Iceland Day 8 - Látrabjarg - Berserkjahraun

We awoke near a white sand beach to clear skies.  This was probably the second day of pure blue skies and beautiful white clouds.  With this in mind we headed back to the bird cliffs to try and get some more photos of the puffins, but much to our surprise they were very difficult to spot!  We walked a bit but only ended up seeing four total, and other photographers were getting their chance to shoot the birds.  Because of this, I would recommend anyone to visit Látrabjarg as late as possible, I believe we were there around 11:00 pm. We did see one cute guy, no idea what he is.

Today we headed back out the way we came, but were surprised to see much more of the beautiful surroundings in the Westfjords, since the fog lifted from the mountains and cliffs.  I was stunned and thankful to see white sand beaches and turquoise water, something I definitely didn’t expect to see in Iceland! 

It took hours to wind our way back through the bumpy roads, but the scenery was astounding!  We took some time to explore a beach, take photographs, and enjoy our last bit of time in the area. 

Next we were on to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, the last area on our journey.  We started on the north side, stopping in Stykkishólmur for an Icelandic hot dog for dinner, and I must say, the hotdog truck pictured below served the absolute best hot dog I've ever eaten in my life.  It included crunched up Doritos (I don't like Doritos?) garlic cream sauce, paprika spices, a deep fried hot dog and melted cheese.  I start drooling when I think about it hungry.  

Even though the town was picturesque, we didn't stick around for long, and chose to drive on ahead to photograph Kirkjufell Mountain.  I had seen many photographs of this beauty, but had a difficult time capturing anything to be proud of.  Still can't quite figure that one out. 

We backtracked a bit and spent the night in Berserkjahraun, the beautiful moss covered lava fields.  We saw our first Icelandic sunset, maybe around 1:00 am, but I don't know if it truly dipped below the horizon!

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