Friday, June 20, 2014

Iceland Day 6: Mývatan - Krossneslaug

We woke up in the middle of a dirt field, surrounded by these nasty little bugs called midges.  They don’t bite but are attracted to the carbon dioxide we breathe out, (preferring to hang out in your eyelashes and nostrils) so these (and our desire to get on the road) prevented us from exploring the Mývatan region, which was a shame.  However, we had a long day of driving ahead of us and knew we needed to get going. 

We took a quick stop by the Goðafoss and Geitafoss waterfalls, but even though they are powerful and amazing, there’s only so many massive waterfalls you can photograph and watch in one trip.  Iceland: The Land of Waterfalls. 

We found our way to Glaumbaer church and turf-covered farm, took some pics but didn’t say long.  Not too much to see here, but there were a number of tourists.  

Our day was largely unplanned, with our only goal being reaching Krossneslaug, a geothermal pool on the side of the mountain.  

This began our tour of the Westfjords, the most unpopulated place we’d been thus far.  It was calm and peaceful and exactly what I imagined Iceland would be.  Most of the roads were unpaved, so it made for a long day’s journey. 

Along the way we found the tamest sheep who actually liked being photographed, unlike most who sprint away when they hear our van approach. 

We also found two horses close to the road who looked like they wanted our apples that weren’t being eaten.  It was fun to hop out and spend some time with them, even though I was scared of their teeth they were gentle and lovely.   

After many hours of driving, we finally reached the pool.  It was smaller than I expected but the experience was more fantastic than I expected. It has been there since 1954 and the shower facilities spoke to this.  There was something magical about getting clean there. It was nearing midnight when we arrived but the owner was still awake in a tent.  We asked when she closed and she laughed in our faces and said in her sweet accent “I don’t close!!”

We paid her with a credit card, went back to our camper to whip up some budaechiggae, hoping we’d be the only patrons at such a late hour. 

This didn’t end up being the case, but what  wonderful experience to overlook the dark beach, the clouds overhead, knowing the midnight sun was just behind.  It turned into the next day, our anniversary, here in Krossneslaug.  We ended the evening by taking one of my favorite pictures, together by the sea. 


  1. Hey, may I know where did you camp after the swim? We would like to go to that part of world, we are at our planning stage now. Thanks. best, Penny

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  3. Hi! We just pulled over about two minutes away from the pool and slept in our camper van. You can read more about it here -> Iceland Overview