Thursday, June 19, 2014

Iceland Day 5: Djúpivogur- Mývatan

We awoke surrounded by Beautiful Blue Lupine, water on one side and snow-capped mountains on the other.  

The clouds were back but no rain yet. 

On the agenda today was DRIVE.  We started out in the quirky town of Djúpivogur, drove our way north up the East Fjords all the way to Egilsstaðir where we took a quick detour to check out Seyoisfjorour.  Our Lonely Planet guide told us that if there was one place to see in the East Fjords, this would be it, but unfortunately for us, it was drizzly with heavy fog the whole day.  Driving through the mountains to get there was almost dangerous, and the town looked dreary.  The highlight of the detour was a lunch of delicious fried fish from the grill at the gas station in town. 

Our next mission was to “conquer” the north and I use this term loosely for we did not do or see much here.  

We made it to Detifoss (the largest waterfall by volume in Europe) and Selfoss, before reaching Mývatan at a late hour.  Reaching here was a real treat, as the weather broke and the landscape drastically changed into a geothermal wonder world.  The beauty was impossible to capture with my camera, which is always a treat.  

We found our way to Mývatan Nature Baths, the North’s “Blue Lagoon”.  It was not as large, but much more beautiful in my opinion.  We arrived at 11:00 pm and stayed just a short while before trying to find a place to camp. 

We had a really difficult time trying to find a place to pull over, and ended up driving around half of a lake before we found somewhere that wasn’t labeled “private property”.  The area was beautiful, but it was too late to explore.  I left with a wish I had taken at least a few photographs. 

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