Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Iceland Day 3: Þjófafoss - Fjaðrárgljúfur

In the morning, some of the fog surrounding the mountains had lifted and we enjoyed the beautiful view, excited to continue on with our journey.  

We pulled over to play with some horses for a bit, which we found to be pleasantly friendly.  Icelandic horses are a pure breed, no other kinds are let in the county.  They are everywhere and simple and beautiful.  

We next found ourselves driving along the south coast of the country, passing Selijalandsfoss (waterfall) before coming to Skógafoss (waterfall) which was beautiful.  I was very much looking forward to hiking the path behind the falls, which is supposed to be absolutely amazing, but it started to rain and we weren’t ready for a three hour hike in the rain, so unfortunately decided to skip it.  

We decided it was time to clean up, and began looking for these supposed pools that are in every town in Iceland.  Unfortunately, it turned out it was their national Independence Day, (June 17) so all the pools were closed!  And by this time I was really aching for a shower.  

We made our way to Vik, which was supposed to be a particularly photogenic town, but the heavy fog and rain kept us inside the van.  One lowly picture of the towns children leading a parade will have to suffice. 

Next on the agenda was Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon, a quiet and not-well traveled area I wanted to see, only because I saw a beautiful picture on the Internet.  When we arrived it was pouring rain so we stayed in the van (slept and edited pictures) until it was suitable to go out.  

It was surely beautiful, maybe even more beautiful in the rain?  Yet dangerous in my estimation.  I wanted to get some beautiful pics, but it was slippery and muddy, so this prevented us from going onto the ledges.  About 20 minutes into our walk along the ridges of the canyon, the rain picked up and it was time to turn around.  We were able to reach a waterfall before booking it back to the van.  This was the wettest day for us.  Even though it was drizzly for some days on our trip, we managed to stay out of it for the most part!

When we were sufficiently tired, we found our way to an empty field off the ring road, cooked up a hearty dinner of macaroni and cheese and made our way to dreamland.

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