Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Iceland Day 10 - Reykjavík

Our last full day in the country was bittersweet.  We had waited for this vacation for so long and now it was all coming to a close!

We cleaned up our van and took it back, then headed to our hotel to rest for a bit.  Unfortunately it was cold and raining, but we still wanted to head out and see the city.  It was a sweet, beautiful little city, full of charming shops, cafes, and restaurants, but the rain and cold just made it all icky.  I didn't even bring my camera, which explains the lack of photos.

One of my favorite memories in the city was the Municipal City Pool, Sundhöllin, the oldest still in use. I felt like I stepped into the fifties showering there!

There's not much else to say seeing as this is the only blog post I didn't write ON the trip (instead, more than a month later)...I only wish the weather would have cooperated for us...it seemed like a wonderful city to explore.

The next morning we were off...so sad to go but so excited for the rest of summer ahead!

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