Saturday, June 21, 2014

Iceland Day 7: Krossneslaug - Látrabjarg

Today was a special day.  June 21, our anniversary!  We started out by the shores of a fjord surrounded by mountains, eating our special, magical meal of beans and eggs.  It brought back memories of our lovely honeymoon in Nicaragua and filled our bellies.  

It was time to continue on discovering the Westfjords.  We could have driven around the entire Peninsula, but were a bit crunched for time, so we decided to head straight to see the Puffins at Látrabjarg, these huge cliffs on the south coast of the Peninsula.  It took the day to get there.  Along the way we were blessed with some blue skies and puffy white clouds.  

Driving along these unpaved, bumpy, long roads seems like driving to the end of the earth.  There were less cars, people, houses, towns and animals than we had seen on our whole trip.  

Before we started on our journey, we took quick stop at Djúpavik to explore the abandoned Herring factory.  We didn’t take the tour, but were so happy to stumble upon an art gallery full of photographer’s works from around Iceland.

It takes longer to drive the fjords than it looks on a map.  We were so thankful to finally arrive at Patreksfjorour, a small town by the cliffs.  We had a lovely dinner of “Fish of the Day” which turned out to be Cod with pistachio crust.  They know me too well!

Then, off to the cliffs!  I was so nervous the weather would be nasty, or we wouldn’t see even one puffin, but I was so thankful that wasn’t the case!  Even though it was foggy and difficult to photograph the cliffs, the little birdies were ready for their head shots.  They were very approachable, we were able to get a few feet away from them! (We don’t have zoom lenses so this was a real treat!)  We didn’t have to travel very far down the 12km track, in fact, all of the Puffins were concentrated right near the entrance.  We spent the evening laying on the ground, getting muddy so we could get close as we could to the sweet birds.  They were quite photogenic and we were both so happy to be able to get some shots. 

After we had our fill, we found our way to a nearby campsite by a white sand beach, with turquoise waters lapping against the shore.  Before we slept we edited our photos because we were so excited about our subjects!  

What a wonderful second anniversary.  This marriage has taken me places I never dreamed of.  (and I'm not just talking Iceland) What a precious gift.  I pray for many many more years together and cherish every day.  

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