Monday, June 16, 2014

Iceland Day 2: Þingvellir - Þjófafoss

We decided to start our journey by exploring the Golden Circle, which is comprised of three major attractions, Þingvellir National Park (which includes the fault between the North American and European continents) Geysir, which includes a faithful geyser, and Gullfoss, or Golden Falls. 

I am thankful we decided to do this at the beginning of our trip, for it was assuredly the most crowded and touristy (although still more empty than many tourist destinations around the world I’ve been to)

I didn’t really understand Pillinger, I think we missed some things…and I didn't really get any pictures.  We probably missed something cool. 

Geysir was really cool when you think about it.  The largest Geyser, named “Geysir” blows infrequently, but you can still count on Strokkur every six or so minutes.  We had fun trying to capture the event with our cameras, but it wasn’t easy!  Especially with the wind and fog.  I had never seen a geyser before and it is quite remarkable to think that these things just blow consistently over the hours and years.  I don’t know much about what’s going on down there, but that’s just cool. 

Next on the list was Gullfoss,  It surely would have been more magical in daylight but we were in awe at the sheer power of the falls.  I was thankful we had our tripod on this trip, because I was able to get a few good pictures of us together (we have so few). 

The latter half of the day we found our way off the Golden Circle and in the middle of nowhere.  THIS was the Iceland I read about.  We weaved through the hills and fields, surprised at each new type of landscape ahead of us.  

We found the lovely waterfall Hjálparfoss but still weren’t content until we made it to another one named Þjófafoss where in absolute solitude we pulled over and made ourselves at home for the night.  

Dinner was a feast of Korean ramen mixed with dehydrated mashed potatoes which turned out to be a spicy feast and something I’d recommend to any weary camper!

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