Saturday, May 31, 2014

Our Friends and a Trip to Damyang and Mokpo

Twice a year an organization offers a cultural trip for teachers.  They allow about 30 people to sign up and pay for all of us to get out of Seoul for the weekend.  One of our close friends signed ALL of our close friends up on the list as soon as the signups were open, and we were all able to go on the trip together!  It's the first time we've done anything like this here and we had a great time.  One of my favorite pictures is of us by the huge kimchi pots.  We have all been friends for five years now, and I've been friends with the girls for six.  Six years is the longest I've ever known and been with friends consistently, since I moved around so much growing up.  A lot has changed over the years, including my man and I getting married, two cute kids in the picture, my roommate leaving and coming back,  the many jobs of Craig,  but our friendship has remained steadfast.  I am so thankful to God for that.  This trip definitely got me itching for more trips with these people!

We went down south to Damyang and Mokpo.  Busan is on the east coast, this time we headed to the west coast.  They kept us quite busy, moving from here to there.  We had the opportunity to eat a delicious dakgalbi lunch, visit a bamboo forest, see some mini sequoia trees, see where strawberries grow, make traditional candy, visit a temple, go to a maritime museum, go for a hike, and stay in a nice hotel, all for free!!  So kind.  Hopefully we'll be able to go on the next trip, and hopefully all our friends will be there to make it worth it!

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