Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cross Country 2013

Cross Country was a huge part of my life, and one of the most fun things I do at school is help coach the high school team.

It's over now, and it's so wonderful to have the free time...to get home at 4 instead of 6:30...but I still love doing it and will continue do it as long as I can!

Some highlights of this year include:

1) Winning second place in the conference (International schools in Korea) for both the girls and the guys teams.  I was just so proud of them.  We had a lot of talented runners this year.  Someday it would be nice to win first...we're so close...but there's this one school that's just so hard to beat every year!  We also had a freshman girl win the girl's race and get a school record with 20:40 something.  I was so proud of her.

2) We invited the entire team over to our house for a pasta party!!  I've always wanted to do this for the team, but didn't know how I would pull it off.  A) cooking for 40 people and B) fitting them in this small house.  But it worked!  I miraculously  (only with God's help) made just enough food, plenty for everyone to eat as much as they wanted, and only a little bit of leftovers...and insanely delicious cupcakes.  These need to become part of my rotation. The kids all packed into our tiny house and they had such a great time.  A girl made a video for the seniors, and they all smooshed into our study, where we have a projector to watch movies on the wall.  It just all worked out perfectly, and I hope to do it next year as well!

3) I always love talking to girls about the things of the Lord, but don't like to be pushy about it.  One day, at a lunch after a meet, I ate lunch with some of the girls because my man wasn't at that meet.  I was nervous about eating with them because I didn't know what we were going to talk about.  They asked me about myself, literally--"Tell us your life story!!" so I did!  Which of course has God's hands all over it.  At the end, a girl asked me if I led a discipleship group.  (Something like Bible Study that teachers can do with whoever they want.)  I've ALWAYS wanted to do a high school discipleship group, but was always waiting for someone to ask me to do it.  I never just wanted to put myself out there.  This is what I've been waiting for!  So now, starting tomorrow, I'll have a small group of girls in my discipleship club.  I extended the invitation to all girl runners.  Many of them have other after school sports, so can't attend, but I'm really excited about the prospect of just a few.

Overall, it was a GREAT year, probably my favorite yet.  This is my sixth year coaching, and there were kids who were seniors who I taught my first year--when they were in seventh grade.  This made it really special and a little bittersweet.  

Somehow I became the team photographer.  It was good for me to practice with some action shooting, but I definitely have a lot to learn.  I took photos each meet, and put them online for the kids to access.  They really appreciated me doing this.  Here are some of those photos.  I'll include some from our hose party as well, as well as the dress-up scavenger hunt day.  It's a ton of pics, I couldn't decide my faves!

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