Sunday, October 6, 2013

Lately (September)

September and October are two of my favorite months in Korea! The weather turns and school is in full swing and days off and hangouts are abundant.  Cross country is great and school is still fun and there's so much to appreciate.  Here are just a few pics from September!

Dinner at Zelen-A Bulgarian restaurant which everyone raves about...it was OK...we probably should have ordered something other than the meat platter...which was legit just meat. Sangria was divine.

My old roommate and good friend moved from Korea to Hong Kong two years ago but came back!!  She now has her own place with an amazing view of the city.  She had friends over for a housewarming party and made WAY too much food but it was so delicious and it was so special!  Her mom even flew in from France and brought fancy cheeses to us.  (And special licorice candy for me!)  A wonderful time was had by all!

A little while later my man and I went back to her apartment and I had my tripod so I was able to get some night pics!  From her bedroom you can see Seoul Tower, from her living room, Seoul Station, and from her Kitchen Yongsan Station and the 63 Building!  It's almost a 180 degree view of the city!

 Three beautiful roses from my man just because.  Now I can't say "no guy has ever gotten me flowers" ever again!

We had our friend Brandon over a few times to watch the last episodes of "Breaking Bad".  We barbecued again for the finale.  I love how the show ended.  Sad to see it go!

These are just a few things from September...more coming in upcoming blog posts!

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