Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The First Cross Country Meet of 2013

Ahhh...it's that time of year again.  Taking ten minutes to transition from teaching 8th period to throwing on the shorts and running shoes and putting on my "coach" face which really means just trying to keep up with the kids and letting the high school principal run the show.  My man and I help out, but it's pretty low key.

Even though I don't love running, I love cross country and absolutely love coaching the kids the most.  This year is extra special because the kids I taught my first year in Korea as seventh graders are now seniors.  There have of course been new students who've come to our school since then, but I really feel like this is "my" team, because I knew so many of these kids when they were babies...so short and so cute.  And so weird.

I can truly say I'm proud watching them grow and watching who they're becoming.  They're a true pleasure to work with and I think this is my favorite team ever! (I think I say that every year...)

Here are just a few of my favorite pics from our first meet.  The kids did surprising well, placing better than we ever do at this point of the year...I think the conference is slow this year...so I'm hoping for a first place win (in all of Korea haha...seriously) for the girls and...we'll see for the boys.

This year has been so great and I feel like I'm on cloud nine.  Coaching these kids everyday is such a blessing!

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