Sunday, August 11, 2013

Our House Plants

A big goal of mine (ours?) this summer was to acquire some house plants to spruce up our living space.  I must admit, we live in the sweetest most lovely second floor of a house in all of Korea and are so blessed to call the space home.  I like thinking of ways to make it more special, but it's slow-going.  Plants were the first step.

We acquired three plants from a teacher pair who left our school last June.  The Heart-leaf Philondendron on the water cooler, the giant lucky bamboo, and what I believe is a Traveller Palm but looks like some sort of indoor Banana plant.  I'm having a hard time IDing these.

We bought the Rubber Tree (I think?) at Costco and I about had a fit when we found a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree at Yangjae Flower Market.  I was so thankful that my man was on board with getting it!  We both love it and the character it brings to the room.  I don't think we'll ever move now. (JK Mom)

The ONLY problem is I've killed every plant I've brought into this house.  There were about 5 succulents we bought at the beginning of the year (everyone online said they were easy to take care of but they are all liars).  Then I bought some small potted plants and they are all either dead or on their way out.  I bought a big beautiful succulent and just as soon as I bought it all the leaves turned yellow and cried real water tears and fell off (a classic case of an overwatering...) So I'm just hoping the bigger ones do better.  We'll have to see.

The big Jurassic Park plant has a leaf that just turned brown and will probably be dead soon...but it also has grown two leaves since we got it.

The Fiddle Leaf Fig also grew a leaf since we got it two weeks ago and every day I check and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger!

The Basil was looking pretty dismal, some sort of bug likes to eat them up but I've tried to go out there and get them off...its really picked up and I'm really excited that I'll probably be able to make some pesto soon!

Sooooo....I'm probably the only one who cares about all my plants so on to the photos. Starting with the dead giant succulent.  (Which is actually still kicking it, just with 80% of the original leaves there).

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