Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dinner Out at Everest in Dongdaemun

There is a restaurant I've been wanting to try ever since I heard about it...probably not too long after my man returned from Mount Everest Base Camp...more than two years ago...called "Everest".  It boasts Nepalese, Tibetan, and Indian food.  We finally trekked over there last Saturday looking for a vegetarian meal.  We were blown away at how delicious it was!  The naans were the biggest I've ever seen and I was digging the laid-back vibe and decor.  Here in Itaewon the Indian restaurants I've been to are all overpriced and too fancy/stuffy for my tastes.  We almost never eat Indian food.  But we returned to Everest again last night!  Two date nights in a row.  It was just so good.

We got paneer butter masala (cheese in tomato something curry) and my personal favorite dal makhani (creamy lentil curry), samosas and butter garlic naan.  It was so good we were licking the bowls clean. 

To get there we took a cab to Dongdaemun, a shopping area in the heart of Seoul.  I intended on walking there but got us going the wrong way.  Finally we found our bearings and arrived.  It was a beautiful night walking around the city and I got a few pics.  

We are already looking forward to going back.  I want to try other things, but would surely miss out on what we have ordered in the past.  Just thinking about the food gets my mouth watering...

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