Friday, July 12, 2013

This Tree's Just Full of Surprises

A few months ago, a tree in our yard bloomed and it was one of the most beautiful things I saw this year.  I was going through a bit rough time (with Kim Jung Un breathing down our necks and all) and the flowers were so beautiful and I was so excited that a Cherry Blossom Tree was in our yard because I had no idea.

Well TURNS OUT it wasn't a Cherry Blossom Tree at all!  We noticed when my parents were here that these green things were coming out of the branches and WHAT DO YOU KNOW it ended up being an apricot tree!  Even more exciting than what I though.  I looked up apricot tree flower and sure enough the blooms look exactly like what we had earlier this spring.  I'd been duped.

So now we have sweet precious apricots greeting us each day.  I'm so thankful we were able to stay this summer and see and taste this wonderful treat!!

Our first floor neighbors keep hitting the tree to get all of the apricots off and the other day they rang our doorbell and presented us with a bucket of apricot syrup (in the making).  We were touched by their thoughtfulness and now have to wait only 90 days it all to break down.

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