Thursday, July 25, 2013

Our First Trip to Busan

As our summer break is coming to a close, we took a trip to Busan, Korea's second largest city. Neither of us had ever been--we had a great time!  We were only there for two nights and one full day, but we tried to see as much as we could--which included a lot of walking.  I had to buy new shoes - the flip flops weren't cutting it.

Busan is a port city, (apparently the world's fifth busiest seaport ) but is also known for its beaches and seafood.  It was fun for us to get out of rainy Seoul and spend a few days at a beach town.  (It wasn't as sunny as we hoped, but since I'm not 16 anymore and don't need that tan I actually came to appreciate the overcastedness. At least it didn't rain!)  Busan felt foreign and familiar at the same time.  We're looking forward to going back!

Seoul is in the northwest corner of Korea and Busan is in the southeast.  Driving might take four and a half hours but we opted to take the KTX this time.  The high speed train reaches speeds of up to 190 mph.  It makes for a quick 2 hour 15 minute trip, which is convenient and comfortable.

The photos you'll see below are of our train ride, an evening and a morning spent at Haeundae beach, our meals at Nobul Budaechiggae and a delicious meat restaurant recommended by this website, (supposed to be named An-Ga but I couldn't find the name on the place anywhere, only by God's grace did we find this place), pics around town including the ubiquitous love motels and fish markets, a few blurry shots of Gwangalli Beach and Gwangan Bridge at night (wrong lens meh), a beach party we happened upon, and Busan tower at Yongdusan Park.  We also visited Gukje Market and Sinsagae at Centum City (the largest department store in the world) (sans photo evidence).

Maybe my favorite part of the trip was visiting Jagalchi Fish Market, the largest Fish Market in Korea.  I will dedicate a whole post to that because I took too many photos to fit into one entry!

It was great to get out of Seoul for a few days.  It's also always great coming back.  Every time we leave the city I am reminded how much I like it here.  With that said, the two trips we've taken over the summer have definitely inspired us to get out more and see what beautiful Korea has to offer.  I hope to have many more travel posts for you this year as we see more of this country we call home.

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