Thursday, July 25, 2013

Jagalchi Fish Market in Busan

One of my favorite places we went on our trip to Busan was Jagalchi Fish Market.  Koreans love seafood, the fresher the better.  The fish market consisted of hundreds of booths outfitted with all kinds of fish and sea creatures...I couldn't even begin to tell you what most of them were.  There is a large indoor structure with countless tanks and ladies selling fresh seafood, as well as an outdoor section.  There are food stalls everywhere, at many places you can get your food from a tank and they'll cook it right there. (or NOT cook it and eat it raw).  We were not brave enough to try anything, but maybe with a friend who speaks Korean we'd have more courage.  (or better yet, we should learn ourselves...)

We laughed as we watched an octopus and a squid hop out of their tanks and squirm around and stared wide-eyed as old ladies chopped heads off fishes and skinned eels for customers waiting.  I love seeing how different cultures "do things" and this trip to the fish market was beautiful to me.

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