Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer's Here!

Summer is so so sweet.  The school year ended slowly and we drifted softly into summer and it feels like I'm free as a bird!  We're so happy to have a break from school until August!  Last night, a Monday, we were laying around and my man suggested we have a fried chicken picnic by the river.  The thought is unfathomable for a Monday night during the school year.

The Seoulites came out to play and the weather was perfect and the sun set and the twinkling lights were left.  We're blessed to live so close to the Han River, which cuts Seoul in half.  Walk, bike, play, eat...we hope to make it down there more often now that free time is suddenly an option.

We're staying here this summer and are very excited.  Lots of time to work on my "hobbies", including photographing which I hope to share here!

My parents come tomorrow and we are SO EXCITED to have them here!!!  Check back for pics from our adventures!


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