Monday, May 6, 2013

May 4 Date Night ~ Part 1

We've been having a hard time mustering energy to do anything for date night other than go out to eat and watch an episode of something or something equally as lazy.

My man suggested we play miniature golf and since the weather's turning I was way up for it!

We have access to the American Army base because we volunteer at Awana on Monday nights, so we are able to go golfing there...even though there ARE places to go in Korea.

This was our first time here and had a great time!  It was kind of ghetto and the ponds were empty, but it was just us and that was perfect.

I shockingly won...by like 7 strokes...and he was trying, so I'm pleased with myself!  We both even got holes in one!

It was great to get out...but our fun was just beginning!

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