Friday, April 26, 2013

Our First Successful Costco Delivery

What a wonderful morning!

Here's a not so fun fact for you.  Did you know that at my local supermarket asparagus costs a dollar a piece here in Korea?  Yes I mean like one stick of asparagus is a dollar.

And did you know that avocados run about 4-5 dollars?

Food here is very expensive.  Even Kimchi.

Restaurants are pretty reasonable, but if you're going to be cooking your own meals it can really add up.  Especially if you're cooking western foods.

One way you can combat that is by shopping at Costco.  Yea!!  They made it all the way over here.  They don't have as much as in America of course, but to us it's a wonderful treat.  My favorite things to buy there are meat and produce.

There you can get 26 stalks of asparagus for 13,000 won which is about $12.00.  (.50 a stalk...that still is insane!)

And I can get five avocados at the same price which puts them at about $2.50 which is expensive but doable.  $5.00 is not.

ANYWHOO...I love going to Costco but oftentimes find it hard to fit into my schedule.  A school van goes on Thursdays after school, but I tutor those days and often times am too tired to go.  Also the van ride makes me car sick!

The other alternative is renting the school van or going with a friend, both of which we have done.

The most fun thing we've done so far though is gotten COSTCO DELIVERY!!!

Julie alerted me to it (as well as iHerb, God bless her soul) as she just learned about it a few months ago.

Here's the website.  It's not Costco, but a company that delivers their goods.  I end up having to pay about five bucks shipping plus 75 cents per item, but it's totally worth it to get the things delivered straight to our door on Saturday morning.  Every other time we go it ends up being a half-day ordeal.

I was so excited when she first told me but had a few problems the first few times a tried to order.  This is not fun seeing as I don't speak Korean.

I decided to try one more time (third time's a charm) and few hours ago we heard our buzzer and I knew it worked!

Although they don't deliver meat (yet) I'm so excited because all I have to do now is order at the end of the school day on Friday and it will be delivered to our house on Saturday in the early afternoon.

It's a great way for us to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and stock up on items such as butter, cheese, and frozen fish.

I was just so thankful this morning.  I'm trying to cook more and cook more healthfully for us and I know this will be a step in that direction!

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