Friday, April 26, 2013

My First Quilt-An Adventure ~ Parts 2, 3, 4, and 5

Pinterest made me want to be all domestic and stuff so I blame all this on them.  Ever since I laid eyes on this quilt I knew I wanted to make something (very) similar.  I even have a whole board dedicated to quilts now entitled Gah So Lovely because Gah they are so lovely!

The problem was I have no sewing machine and furthermore no idea how to sew.  But as they say, where there's a will, (and the Internet) there's a way.

So I've begun my journey of sewing my first quilt.

Step 1 requires a post to itself but let's just say I took a four hour (there and back) journey to the most awesomest fabric store in the woooooorrrlllddd!!  I'll tell you about it soon.  I returned with loads of beautiful fabric for cheap cheap prices.

Step 2 ~ I chose these six colors for my first quilt.  I'm not ready for patterns and was inspired by this simple triangle quilt.  I followed this tutorial which is not the exact same (not equilateral triangles) but I think it will be much easier.   Luckily I had a self-healing mat, a rotary cutter, and a quilt ruler from another project I worked on over Christmas, so I got to cutting right away.  THIS is something I could do.

Step 3 ~ I borrowed a sewing machine from a friend at work while she was on Spring Break.  I watched these free sewing machine 101 videos from craftsy.com.  I supplemented this with a PDF of the sewing manual that was nearly impossible to use because the illustrations were so poor.  After much frustration I finally got it going, and was pretty excited to see that the machine ACTUALLY made stitches.  However, I could tell that something was wrong.  It felt too loose.  And it looked horrible.  When I turned it over I saw a complete disaster. My man and I were laughing so hard.

Step 4 ~ Two heads are better than one, so they say.  I'm so thankful about the same time I said I wanted to make a quilt, my oldest and closest friend here Julie said she wanted to too!  Her husband bought her a sewing machine recently, so a few Fridays ago we got together and tried to figure  out how to make them work.  After many hours and one broken needle, we were finally able to make some lines! By the grace of God I was able to get the old sewing machine working and I made my first mini-quilt hahahaha.

Step 5 ~ We had so much fun the first time around that we decided to do it again!  This time I had given up the sewing machine back to my coworker, so I spent most of my time ironing and cutting my triangles.  I have half of them done now...and it only took me about three hours! (maybe more)  I still can't figure out the best way to do it but I know it comes with practice.  Julie made some bunting flags for her son's third birthday.  They turned out soo cute!!  She's about half way done as well.  As it neared 1:00 am I packed up my stuff and headed home, satisfied with my stack of triangles and my first multi-colored quilting experiments.  They're kind of puckery and definitely not perfect, but I'm happy to practice more and learn the ropes!

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