Friday, March 15, 2013

Korean Food 1: Mandu

One more week...ONE more week until Spring Break.  Four and a half teaching days...I can barely contain myself, I am SO EXCITED.  So ready.  I can't wait to have nine days to myself (and my man). I'm so overwhelmed and inundated with work, school, and things I signed up for...I just can't WAIT to have those nine days to cross some things of my "wishlist".

This one's been on that list forever, and I decided to tackle it on a quiet Friday night alone.  I have a goal to cook five Korean foods before I turn thirty.  Technically, this is my fourth...but I didn't document the other three, so I suppose I'll go back and remake them and photograph them...or maybe not.

I've wanted to make Mandu (Korean dumplings) for forever!  I bought the ground beef and pork months ago and it's been in the freezer with a "Mandu" label mocking me every time I go through the meat box.  I finally made time to make them!

Mandu is so good.  You can eat it steamed, in soup, or fried.  Of course...fried is the best.

I got my recipe from Maangchi which has super helpful tutorials for making Korean food!  Thank you Maangchi, whatever that means.

They were delicious!  Also time consuming!  But it was so nice to sit in a quiet house after dealing with 100+ middleschoolers all day and wrap mandus.  I had too much filling so I've gotta buy more wrappers tomorrow...and I'll be at it again.  I'll be able to freeze the leftovers (about 60) and eat them whenever.  I really don't like cooking the mandu...the oil gets everwhere...I've gotta figure out a better way to do it.

My man claims he doesn't like these so I guess I'll have to eat them all my self...RATS!!!

Photo notes:
1) err..I didn't notice until I uploaded this picture that I didn't even use fish sauce in the recipe...oops
2) Mandu wrappers + video on iPad = Korean food made easy!
3) ew sorry about the raw ground beef/pork...other characters include asian green onions, tofu, onions, garlic, shitake mushrooms, and sesame oil.
4) The first one was so ugly I just had to show you.
5) My favorite pic!  They're not perfect but I kinda got the hand of it..
6) nom nom nom

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