Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pumpkin Cupcakes

In my quest to make 1000 treats for SEC, I made 45 pumpkin cupcakes.  (I'm up to 95 treats!!)

This cupcake is one of my very most favorite!! It's perfect for Thanksgiving/fall time.  I don't really eat many of the cupcakes I make but I can't stay away from this one.

Click here for the recipe for the cupcakes.  I 1.5ed the recipe to make 45...I would have doubled it but didn't have enough pumpkin puree.

Click here for the recipe for the cream cheese frosting I use.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Rainbow Cupcake Day!

A long time ago...a very...very long time ago...


I volunteered to do a "teacher raffle".  Basically you volunteer your time/self to the school at the PTO Fall Festival (Fun Fest?? what is that thing called...), kids buy tickets, put their names in your bag, and win whatever you donated.  Sometimes it's as simple as ice cream at lunch, but I really have a fun time doing it.  In the past I've donated a "photo shoot for you and three friends", "manicures at a nail salon for you and a friend" and "BAKE RAINBOW CUPCAKES AT MY HOUSE".

A good number of seventh and eighth graders told me they had bought tickets for my prize, and it was a shock to all of us when some fourth graders I didn't even know won.

I was actually pretty excited to work with the wee ones.

So early this fall, I took the four girls to my house and we got messy!

The whole ordeal ended up taking about three and a half hours.

I think they really had a good time.  Even though one said "Do these have food coloring?  I'm not supposed to eat coloring...I'm on a diet!" and another said "My mom will just throw these away she doesn't allow sweets!" eerr...ok...

Look after the pictures for instructions and recipes!

I have made rainbow cupcakes before.  About a year ago I made them and they turned out BEAUTIFULLY. (<---really, click here to see!).  This year I used a different (read:cheaper) recipe. Since the batter was more liquidy (not a word) it didn't hold the colors well.  They just all bled together. Mehhhhhh.  I don't suppose the girls cared that much.  If looking to impress, use the first recipe listed below.

Click here to get the recipe that works well.  These are just delicious.  They use a box of white mix, so I guess it's not for the purists, but honestly, they are the best cupcakes I've ever had.  They are just so perfect, no regrets will be had if you make them.

Click here to get the recipe that I used.  I make this frequently.  It's easy and the cupcakes are great.  Plus they're 100% homemade.

Click here to get the frosting recipe.  I've tried a number of frostings but just keep going back to Glory's Cream Cheese Frosting.  I've gotten so many compliments and just nothing else even comes close to how good this tastes.

Click here to read about the process.   This was one of the first things I pinned on Pinterest.  These were the first cupcakes I ever made and was hooked afterwards!