Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Halloween Cupcakes

Last year I randomly developed a cupcake baking hobby.  (I don't even know where these things come from...).  I had dreams of running a cupcake business from my apartment and even took some photos with hopes of using it as a "buy it" guide.

It got a little out of control and I tried adding the numbers in my head and I would have been willing to bet I made almost 1000 cupcakes altogether.

This year I've not made that many so far, but really DO want to do more.  One way I've decided to do that is bake and donate cupcakes for the SEC club at my school.  SEC stands for Social Entrepreneurship (hardest word to spell, ever) Club.  A few years ago some of my seventh graders decided they wanted to make their mark on the world and have done some incredible things so far.  Right now they are raising 4,000 USD to build a well in Africa.

My thought is I can make them cupcakes and they will sell them at school.  The kids will buy them for 3,000 Won (about 2.80 USD or so) and I ask them to sell them for as much as possible!

At first I thought I could make them every week, but I didn't know that the principal didn't want the clubs selling sweets that frequently, OOPS!  ~  so now I can only make cupcakes once a month.  waaaa.  He asked if I could make muffins once a month as well--waaa--not as beautiful or tasty, but it's ok at least they can still make a bit of money off them :)

Anyhow, my goal is to donate 1000 treats to the SEC.  So far I'm at 50. Quite a bit to go.

I made these Halloween cupcakes about a month ago and they were a huge hit apparently, they sold out in about five minute said the kids.

THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE FUN CUPCAKE HOLDERS, SPRINKLES AND PUMPKIN SUGAR THINGIES MOM!!  They really made these cupcakes special.  I especially loved the pumpkin  sugar thingies (what in the world are they called?).  They brought me back to my childhood.

28 Pictures~Vietnam

My man and I had the opportunity to travel to Vietnam over Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) break.  What a blessing that was!  I had traveled to Thailand and the Philippines with my girlfriends in the past, and had a blast, but being able to travel with my husband was a true treat.  We found a good deal on a luxury hotel and had a beautiful time.

Probably the biggest thing we noticed was the people were so nice.  Almost a little...too nice.  There are only so many times you can be interrupted at breakfast/lunch/dinner before you decide you'll have to order room service next time.

Jokes aside, we had a wonderful time and I so much enjoyed getting to see and know another part of the world.

Most of these photos were taken with the iPad.

1. Absolutely one of the first things we noticed were how many people rode on mopeds!  There were more mopeds and bicycles on the streets than there were cars or people.  They zipped by us in our private van and we stared--mesmerized--for the first hour of our trip. 

2. Bicycles too--everywhere!  Seems like a good idea! 

3. Scootin' in Style

4. Out the window on our way to the hotel. 

5. Hey, they really do wear those triangley hats here!

6. My handsome man on his bicycle at Saigon Petro. 

7.  So happy to be taking a bike ride in the country side. 

8.  Us on the beach.

9.  By a lotus pond/cow field I am clearly so excited!!

10. Fishermen's nets. 

11. Afternoon boats. 

12. Fisherman

13. Dead Fishy

14. Oh my gosh Pho--please feed me!!! Thank goodness we can get this two blocks from our house. (Best enjoyed in Vietnam though, I must admit.)

15. All you can eat breakfast you better believe my man capitalized on those steaks.  Every morning.  MMMM...as MANY as he wanted!! 

16. Drinks by the pool = a happy girl :)

17. Fresh bread bowl for breakfast = also a happy girl :)

18. Flowers greeted us around every turn. 


20. Hall leading to dining area/beach

21.  Our home for a few days <3

22. Infinity pool + ocean

23. There was hardly anyone else there!!  It was so relaxing and private, just what I need/love.  

24.  Lovely gardens to walk through. 

25.  On the way back to Ho Chi Min City (Saigon) our driver stopped at a few places for us to take pictures.  It was fun to get out and feel the heartbeat of the city.  Someday I'd like to go back and explore more.  This is a replica of Notre Dame (I THINK...he's was a bit difficult to understand). 

26. ? Who knows. 

27. Buzzy night streets. 

28.  Old president's/king's place?  Before the '60s?  Sheesh I should know more history.  The driver explained it.  Didn't understand a word he said. 

2012 Middle School Retreat

A few months ago we had the opportunity to go to a new location for our Middle School Retreat.  The retreat has always been a great weekend to get to know the kids in a new setting.  Even though it's tiring, I always look back on the weekend and the beautiful fall weather with fondness.  Here are just a few pics of the kids from my group.  I didn't get that many pictures this year!