Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cross Country in Guam

I ran cross-country, indoor, and outdoor track all throughout high school and college. Needless to say, it was a huge part of my growing up. I didn't participate in any clubs or other sports outside of this little {weird} world of runners and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

I never even really liked running {maybe a little}, just being a part of a team. There is something about cross country runners. We {generally} don't have to try out for the team, so you end up with a pretty rag-tag bunch. You also end up with a great group of dedicated crazy people who torture themselves daily.  Cross-country runners, in my biased opinion, are some of the greatest kids. They have that tenacious quality that doesn't just show on the field but in the classroom and bleeds out into every area of their lives.

Back in college my friends and I would talk about our future cross country teams {many of us were planning on becoming teachers and/or coaches} we imagined running against each other and leading our kids to victory. Never in a million years did I imagine where I am today! This is my fifth year of coaching cross country at my school and I gotta say, I still don't like running but I just love being apart of this team. The kids are lovely in so many ways. I've watched kids grow from Freshmen to Seniors and been there with them through all the kilometers.

A fun opportunity I have is to go to Guam with the kids {American-ish island in the middle of the Pacific}. This year was the best yet! I get/have to come up with three days of sub plans, but it's all worth it as we get to spend five days on the island at an Asia-Pacific International meet. Our kids came in "above average" {11th out of 24 or so for the girls...I forgot!} and that's good enough for us! There are two races, the main event on Friday morning and a co-ed relay race on Saturday morning.

This year my man was able to come along, thus making it the best year yet! He kindly accompanied me to every store I wanted to go to to stock up on American extremely difficult to find goods such as unflavored Gelatin, a candy thermometer, buffalo sauce, biscoff spread...the list goes on and on...and on...

Here are some pics from the event. What a wonderful five days!!

1) prepping for the race

2) So many girls! The race started at 6:20 am, great for lighting!

3) When I was in high school, we ran through the woods but apparently on an island that becomes running through the jungle. 

4) Start of the boys' race. 

5) Watching them work hard almost makes me want to run again.  I mean really run.  

6) Finishing up the race.  My boy got squeezed out by the two on the ends, but as you can see, he put in a great effort!!

7. Co-ed relay race on the beach, the day after the official race. 

8. Racing through the water. 

9. Our team cheer/chant includes a line "WHO'S YOUR DADDY???" <--- Screams the captain "OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN!!!!!" Screams the kids. hahahaha...it gets lots of stares

10. Oh my gosh just the sweetest girls ever in the entire world (and a weird boy of course) 

11. They were so proud of their pyramid...

12. I die.  So cute.  So sweet!